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Risk Management


Course Overview

This training program is designed to help you acquaint others with the basics of risk management and safeguarding the company. In this course, participants will learn about different categories of risk, including financial and non-financial risks, controllable and non-controllable risks, and internal and external risks. They will also learn how to assess and control their company’s risk, and be able to implement systems for keeping risks under control.

Target Audience

Office workers, information workers, risk managers, project managers, risk managers, business owners, supervisors, project administrators, engineers and anyone who want to learn how to identify and mitigate risks.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Defining risk

• The multiple facets of risk

• A typology of risk

• The nature of risk

• Integrated risk management

• Assessing risk appetite

• Legal brief:  know the law

Module 2: Assessing the risks

• Risk mapping

• The ABC classification of risks

• Net present value to assess new projects

• Perceived risk versus actual risk

• Using stress tests to assess catastrophic risk

• Legal brief:  assessing legal risks

Module 3: Managing the risks

• Addressing the risks

• Accepting that zero risk is not an option

• Business continuity planning (BCP)

• Crisis management and communication

• Using data models versus common sense

• Legal brief:  reducing legal risk management course outline

Module 4: Controlling the risks

• Internal control systems

• Detective, preventive and protective systems

• Corporate governance risk

• Audit risk

• Management audits

• The new role of the risk manager

• Implementing a reasonable approach toward risk

• Legal brief:  knowing and watching the law

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