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RADA Training Academy

RADA Training Academy provides internationally recognised workshops, Services SETA Accredited courses and computer training.

All courses are facilitated by highly experienced and skilled facilitators within their respective fields of expertise.

The facilitation methodology at RADA Training Academy is not stereotypical but a highly interactive hands-on approach to learning and developing new skills or revising; updating and/or adapting previous skills learnt.

We take pride in keeping all training course material up to date with current market trends and all case studies, video footage and activities are current and aligned to keep the training on the pulse of an ever changing work environment.

RADA Training Academy places great emphasis and value on internal and external customers. In collaboration and consultation with key players and stakeholders, workshops and short courses are adapted and aligned to specifically target and meet the need within an organisation.

Choosing RADA Training Academy as your preferred training provider will ensure the development of a training programme that is as closely tailored to your particular needs. Please review our flexible menu of optional training modules.

Our Workshops

View our wide range of Workshops designed specifically to give you the skills you need to perform in the workplace: