Long-lasting support and assistance in SA communities

What is RADA CARE?

Whilst RADA has a very specific focus, we have realised that through our work in many communities that there are many other areas where people require support and assistance. This has led to the establishment of RADA CARE.

A number of projects are being researched that will ultimately provide practical needed humanitarian care. The approach RADA CARE adopts is to provide support structures that are long-lasting, simple and effective, and directly serve the people who need the assistance. Our aim is to take each campaign and consolidate the effort under one umbrella, on a national basis, with expansion to the continent.

Each campaign will be given a name under the RADA CARE Icon and a call to action will be initiated.

RADA Life-Skills Training Project

The RADA Life-Skills Training Project provides practical and emotional skills to assist people in handling life’s various challenges whilst empowering them to accomplish their dreams and live life to their full potential.

RADA Music Project

The RADA Music Project supported by RADA Unearthed is aimed at aiding individuals who would like to be part of the musical arts.

RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project

The RADA Sponsor-a-Trainee Project provides the sponsor with the opportunity to empower individuals through education.

RADA Subsidised Training

The RADA Subsidised Training is an initiative whereby RADA Training Academy gives back to the community through subsidising certain of its trainings. The intention is that subsidised individuals who complete trainings pay it forward by supporting others.

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