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Empowerment. Employment. Excellence.

What is RADA Training Academy?

RADA Training Academy provides internationally recognised workshops, Services SETA Accredited courses and computer training.

The intended outcomes of the RADA Training Academy workshops is to develop skills, behaviours and attitudes which lead to improved self-management, social awareness, self-awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

RADA Training Academy services are tailored around the needs of corporates, employed individuals and/or unemployed individuals. Please find a list of all the

 RADA Training Academy Workshops.

The RADA Training Approach


The RADA Training Academy Management Team works with corporates to assess specific needs. Thereafter, the course material is tailored-made to address the specific need thereby assisting the corporate to achieve their objectives.

Unemployed Individuals

RADA Training Academy caters for unemployed individuals by assisting and guiding them to become more employable. We provide courses that focus on specialised interview techniques, communication skills, formatting of CVs based on industry standards and various courses that will assist in the advancement and awareness of self. The courses are designed to impart practical skills and knowledge that will enable the individual to become more marketable in the workplace.

Employed Individuals

Individuals may find that their skills are misaligned in the workplace. RADA Training Academy assists employed individuals by providing coaching; mentoring and/or career counselling that is aimed to upskill and motivate individuals to operate at an optimum level within the workplace. Our training is unique and whilst it caters for individuals to be empowered to advance in their careers, it extends to how one lives their life. The range of courses offered allows for the individual to select a course specific to their needs and career path.

What makes RADA Training Academy different?

  • Services SETA accreditation.
  • Vibrant, qualified and experienced facilitators specialising in their respective fields.
  • Preliminary interview with management to assess the organisation’s needs.
  • Tailored-made workshops and short courses.
  • RADA Training Academy Certificate of Attendance awarded to individuals after completion of workshops, short courses and/or training, including a portfolio of evidence of worked completed to date.

The Vision of RADA Training Academy

To empower and assist in creating success for all individuals through education.

The Purpose of RADA Training Academy

To assist in empowering individuals to ultimately unlock their full potential.  The aim is to support the growth and development of the South African economy and facilitate an attitude within individuals to fully appreciate life’s rewards regardless of its inevitable curveballs. The passion and determination of our team will in itself, inspire, motivate and drive positive change in the country.

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