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Introduction to Project Management



A basic understanding of mathematical Literacy

A basic understanding of the workplace, project processes and operations


Computer Literacy

Course Outline

Module 1: Project Management: The Managerial Approach

• How do we manage in an Organisation?

• Defining the Concept of Project Management

• How will you Recognise a Project?

• What does Project Management involve?

• How do you know your project has been successful?

• Sooooo

Module 2: Projects and Organisations

• Project Processes according to PM Bok

• Programs and Projects

• Different Types of Project Management

• When Projects Evolve

• Organisational Structures and Project Management

• Roles and Responsibilities in Project Management

• Building Relationships

• The Functional Manager’s Role

• The Executive Manager’s Role

• The Team Member’s Role

• Project Management Stakeholders

Module 3: The Project Life Cycle

• Project Phases and the Project Life Cycle

• A Starting Point

• Project Phases

• Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle

• The sequence of a Project Life Cycle

• Business Integration

• Choosing a Methodology

• People Manage Projects

• A Checklist

Module 4: The Phases of a Project

• Initiation Phase

• The Project Charter

• Planning Phase

• Ordering the Chaos

• Project Integration

• Become SMART

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

• Costing a Project

• Communication

• Project Communication

• The Execution Phase

• The Monitoring and Controlling Phase

• The Big Picture

• Evaluation and Completion Phase

• The Close-Out Meeting

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