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Business Writing


Course Overview

The course is aimed at people who need to improve their business writing skills in English. While first language speakers will benefit by refreshing their knowledge and skills, the course is especially helpful to second language English speakers. The broad aim of this course is to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities for effective business writing. Participants will also explore the underlying values and attitudes which convey respect for one’s audience when communicating. To communicate effectively in the business world learners will be trained to prepare clear, concise and professional English written communication.

Target Audience

Office workers


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Writing skills

• Basic writing skills

• Discussing basic writing skills

• Discussing the writing process

• Effective sentences and paragraphs

• Choosing the right words

• Discussing sentences

• Identifying the components of effective paragraphs

Module 2: Writing specific messages

• Business letters and reports

• Discussing business letters and reports

• Writing brief messages

• Writing opinionated messages

• Discussing apology letters

• Discussing complaint letters

• Discussing persuasive messages

Module 3: Understanding proposals

• Proposals

• Discussing proposal types

• Client-focused proposals

• Knowing your client

• Identifying effective writing for proposals

Module 4: Letter proposals

• Writing a letter proposal

• Writing an opening

• Writing the body

• Writing a closing

• Visually appealing proposals

• Making an appealing proposal

Module 5: Formal proposals

• Structuring formal proposals

• Structuring a cover letter

• Formatting a title page

• Creating a table of contents

• Writing executive summary

• Structuring the body

• Discussing the appendix

• Visual elements and editing

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