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Call Center Training

Call Centre Fundamentals, Communication skills, Personal development, Interviewing skills and Role Plays


Who should attend the Interview training course?

  1. Any person applying for employment
  2. Any person looking to upskill and improve themselves in the call centre industry
  3. Any person working in retail
  4. Any person working in sales

About the Course:

The Interview training course is designed for everyone; employed as well as unemployed individuals. It is aimed to empower and equip them with the tools to perform at their best in the call centre industry. The course covers a variety of topics so that all the skills learned may be transferred and applied.

The training is classroom based with a mixture of theory and practical exercises. Role play is introduced to enable the learner to become accustomed to dealing with customer over the phone. This would include how to respond to, and handle questions, objections and sell product and come up with solutions.

RADA Training Academy believes that the more you practice, the more confident and better you become.
The training will help the learner with communication, self-belief, building confidence, dealing with different types of people and personal development.

3 Day Course

Call Centre Fundamentals, Communication skills, Personal development, Interviewing skills and Role Plays

The following content will be covered throughout the training:

Training Modules:

Module 1
Call Centre Fundamentals

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound
  3. Call Centre History
  4. Debt Collection

Module 2
Communication Skills

  1. Customer Service, Giving the best customer service
  2. How to deal with irate clients
  3. Presentation Skills – Using the tools you have to become the best you can be
  4. Objection Handling – How to handle objections, The Objection Handling Framework
  5. Listening Skills
  6. Telephone Etiquette
  7. Email Etiquette

Module 3
Personal Development

  1. Having a Balance lifestyle
  2. Steps to having a positive mindset
  3. Build self confidence
  4. Become a Forward Thinker
  5. Daily Affirmations
  6. The Importance of managing you time
  7. Dealing with conflict

Module 4
Interviewing Skills   

  1. The 3 steps to every interview.
  2. Planning
  3. Preparing
  4. Applying
  5. Interview Rules

Module 5
Role Plays

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