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Communication Skills for Leaders


Course Overview

Effective communication is a critical element of leadership and supervision. From one-on-one to group presentations effective communication will help busy managers get positive results. This course helps you master the key concepts of communication

Target Audience

All individuals and organizations looking to improve verbal and non-verbal communication.


No prerequisites required

Course Outline

Module 1: Keys to effective interpersonal communication

• The significance of believability

• Verbal, vocal, visual cues to believability

• Consistency = believability

• Making the emotional connection

• Comparing the first brain and the new brain

• Believing what we like

Module 2: Choosing positive communication habits

• Behavioural skills for interpersonal effectiveness

• Understanding habitual behaviours

• Changing your habits

• The four stages of learning

• The four stages of speaking

• Using video feedback to change personal perceptions

Module 3: Developing the nine behavioural skills

• Behavioural skill # 1:  eye communication

• Aiming for involvement with your listener

• Eye communication patterns in business

• Behavioural skill #2:  posture and movement

• Keys to effective posture and movement

• Behavioural skill #3:  gestures and facial expressions

• Keys to effective gestures and facial expressions

• Improving your gestures and facial expressions

• Behavioural skill #4:  dress and appearance

• Keys to effective dress and appearance

• Behavioural skill #5:  voice and vocal variety

• Keys to effective voice and vocal variety

• Behavioural skill #6:  language, non-words, and pauses

• Keys to effective use of language and pauses

• Behavioural skill #7:  Listener involvement

• Keys to effective listener involvement

• Involving listeners with your speaking style

• Involving listeners through interaction

• Involving listeners with content

• Behavioural skill #8: humour

• Keys to effective use of humour

• Behavioural skill #9:  the natural self

• Keys to being your natural self

• Learning like a juggler

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