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Writing Business Proposals and Reports


Course Overview

The 50-Minute Manager Series was designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. Our easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format can be used for self-study or classroom training, or even office training. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, the 50-Minute books keep you engaged and help you retain critical skills.

Writing effective reports and proposals takes more than fundamental writing skills. This self-paced book teaches readers how to organize, research, develop, and edit complex documents as well as sharpen one’s overall business writing skills


There are no prerequisites for this course

Module 1: Strategies for Writing Proposals and Reports

• Writing Self-Assessment

• Reviewing the Basics

• Punctuation Pointers

• Common Faults

• Other Suggestions to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

• Preparing to Write

• Organizing for Maximum Impact

• The Persuasive Report

• Feasibility Study

• Choosing an Appropriate Tone

• Using a Consistent Style

• Editing to Enhance Your Writing

Module 2:  Writing Successful Reports

• Developing Your Ideas

• Sample Report

• Sample Feasibility Study

• Sample Report Using the Motivated Sequence Outline

• Editing Your Written Reports

• Completing Your Reports Course Outline

Module 3: Writing Winning Proposals

• Developing Your Ideas

• Editing Your Written Proposals

• Completing Your Proposals

• Sample Proposal

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