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Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service


Course Overview

Effective communication over the phone is essential for any organization today that relies on customer service to grow or retain its customer base. Most customer service representatives have basic phone operating skills in areas such as answering the phone in a professional manner and greeting the customer. However, many customer service teams lack the crucial etiquette and speaking and listening skills that set apart profitable and professional organizations.

Target Audience

Receptionists, secretaries, security, drivers, junior administrators and anyone who would like to improve their telephone customer service


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Quality Customer Service

• Quality Customer Service 

• Customer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility 

• Providing Added Service 

Module 2: Basic Telephone Skills

• Skill 1: Handling the Telephone

• Skill 2: Answering the Telephone 

• Skill 3: Mastering Voice Inflection 

• Skill 4: Using Your Best Voice

• Skill 5: Addressing the Caller 

• Skill 6: Making the Outbound Call

• Skill 7: Practicing Effective Listening 

• Skill 8: Managing Telephone Messages

• Skill 9: Closing the Conversation 

Module 3: Professional Telephone Skills

• Skill 1: Asking Questions

• Skill 2: Learning to Negotiate

• Skill 3: Making the Service Follow-Up Call 

• Skill 4: Delivering Bad News 

• Skill 5: Avoiding Statements That Give the Wrong Impression 

• Skill 6: Managing Technology

Module 4: Understanding Customers

• Manage Various Customer Behaviour Styles

• The Assertive Customer Wants Results 

• The Angry Customer Wants Action 

• The Amiable Customer Wants to Work Together 

• The Expressive Customer Wants to Be Engaged

• The Analytical / Detail-Oriented Customer Wants Accuracy 

• Into Action: A Three-Step Plan 

• What about Your Behavioural Style?

Module 5: What Customers Want and the Role of Attitude

• Take Time to Understand 

• Interpreting Customer Needs 

• Positive Attitude Is a CHOICE

• Attitude Is Your Key to Success 

• Your Personal Action Plan for a More Positive Attitude 

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