Workshops - Networking for Success


Course Overview

Business networking is an effective and efficient way for business people to connect, develop meaningful relationships, and grow their businesses. These achievements don’t come through a direct sales approach, however. They come from being interested in helping others, in listening, and in purposefully meeting and introducing people to one another.

Target Audience

Office workers, information workers, salespersons, account managers, call centre staff, business owners and anyone willing to take business networking to the next level.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding successful networking

• Establishing contacts with a purpose

• Networking is a two-way street

• Avoiding networking pitfalls

• Sharpening your networking focus

Module 2: Building networking relationships

• Cultivating existing contacts

• Expanding your networking circle

• Scripting your 30-second self-introduction

• Preparing for networking events

• Nurturing your support system

• Finding a mentor

Module 3: Refining your professional presence

• Making a positive first impression

• Turning small talk into big business

• Conversational do’s and don’ts

• Mastering the art of listening

• Projecting your image on paper:  business cards

Module 4: Bell-ringing telephone techniques

• Identifying key contact points

• Cultivating the gatekeeper

• Introducing yourself by telephone

• Networking through voice mail

Module 5: Networking via E-mail and the internet

• Reaching your contacts through e-mail

• Formulating an effective e-mail message

• Signing off with a signature file

• Tapping into online alumni networks

• Welcome to my web:  creating your online presence

• Surfing the web for networking leads

• Netiquette guidelines for networkers

• Taking time for snail mail

Module 6: The networking power of self-promotion

• Tooting your own horn

• Spreading your news in a press release

• Press release writing 101

• Writing bylined articles

• Putting a face to your name

• Promoting yourself through speaking engagements

• Volunteering for networking success

• Making the most of trade shows and conventions

Module 7: Special networking challenges:  novices and veterans

• Recent college graduates:  learning the ropes

• Senior executives:  searching the hidden job market