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Coaching and Counselling


Course Overview

A highly interactive and practical 1-day training workshop that will equip line managers with the necessary interpersonal, coaching and counselling skills to address poor employee performance and behaviour, and improve their motivation and productivity.

Target Audience

This skills-packed workshop is aimed at all levels of management, including team leaders.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching and Counselling

• Definitions of Coaching and Counselling.

• The Benefits of Coaching

• The Benefits of Counselling

• Part Summary

Module 2: When to Coach or Counsel

• Developing Your Awareness

• Symptoms of Performance Problems

• Root Causes of Performance Problems

• Personal Problems that May Affect Job Performance

• Part Summary

Module 3: Giving and Receiving Feedback

• Making Feedback Effective

• Four Types of Feedback

• Be a Positive Role Model

• Part Summary

Module 4: Plan and Conduct Coaching and Counselling Sessions

• Preparing for a Coaching or Counselling Session

• Ten Guidelines for Conducting a Successful Coaching Session

• Ten Guidelines for Conducting a Successful Counselling Session

• Performance Appraisal Guidelines

• What to Do When All Else Fails

• Disciplinary Action – The Last Alternative

• Part Summary

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Table of Contents