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Becoming a Successful Supervisor


Course Overview

This course is designed to cover critical business and professional development topics in the shortest time possible. With a wealth of hands-on exercises, this course will help you retain critical skills. Becoming a supervisor for the first time usually comes with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Will you be able to help others in ways no one did for you? Can you manage people effectively when they used to be your peers? Where do you start? Get the answers to all your questions and learn to be an effective and confident leader.

Target Audience

Anyone aspiring to become a supervisor


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: Transitioning to Supervision

• The Opportunity

• Your Role Changes Now

• How You Use Your Time

• Transition Speed Bumps

• So, Now What?

• Working Successfully with People

Module 2: High-Performance Management

• Performance Management

• How to Establish Clear Expectations

• Giving Positive Feedback

• Handling Performance Problems

• Supervising with Flexibility

• Performance Assessment

• Strategies for Managing Performance

Module 3: Communicating with Others Proactively

• Building Interdependent Relationships

• Communicating One-on-One with Employees

• Communicating with a Team

• Use a Team Approach

• Communicating with Others

• Communicating with Your Manager

Module 4: Coaching for Excellence

• The Changing Playing Field

• Coaching Behaviours in Supervisors

• The Coaching Process

• Strategies for Effective Coaching

Module 5: Dealing Positively with Change

• A New Paradigm

• Organisational Change

• The Impact of Change

• Communicating Change Effectively

• Change Management Skills

• Brainstorming Change Ideas

• Problem-Solving Techniques

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Table of Contents