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Emotional Intelligence Works


Course Overview

Intellectual and technical skills are no longer enough on their own to assure success in the workplace. Emotional intelligence allows you to connect with others one-on-one and in groups-a critical skill in business today. People who are emotionally smart waste less time on personality conflicts, stay in control under stress and achieve greater satisfaction at work and at home.

Target audience

Individuals wanting to improve their interpersonal relationships with others by understanding the impact of emotions.  This is an excellent course for persons wanting to understand and label emotions correctly.


No prerequisites

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to emotional intelligence

• What emotional intelligence means

• The need for “people smart” strategies

• Assess your emotional intelligence

• Five emotional intelligence skills

Module 2: “Think smart”

• Making the choice to think wisely

• Strategy 1: Self-awareness skills

• Use a new mental script

• Strategy 2: Optimistic thinking

Module 3: “Be smart”

• Three keys

• Strategy 1: Social skills

• Strategy 2: Emotional control

• Strategy 3: Flexibility

Module 4: “Work smart”

• Six strategies for smart organizations

• Strategy 1: Practice organizational self-awareness

• Strategy 2: Develop social skills

• Strategy 3: Foster optimism

• Strategy 4: Encourage flexibility and problem solving

• Strategy 5: Model and encourage emotional control

• Strategy 6: Support teamwork

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Table of Contents