Workshops - Email Etiquette


Target Audience

Office workers, information workers, receptionist, secretaries, administrators, salespeople and anyone wing to learn business etiquette.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Course Outline

Module 1: E-mail Basics

• E-mail Characteristics

• E-mail programmes

• When to use e-mail

• Writing an e-mail message

Module 2: E-mail Policies

• Company policies

• Copyright laws, viruses, and liability

Module 3: E-mail Features and Security

• Features of an e-mail program

• Securing e-mail

Module 4: E-mail Messages

• Message headers

• E-mail message body

Module 5: E-mail Effectiveness

• E-mail recipients

• Message management

Module 6: Netiquette Guidelines

• Netiquette style

• Emoticons and abbreviations

Module 7: Composing Online Correspondence

• Online communication    

• Language and punctuation

• Efficient writing habits