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FET Certificate – Information Technology – Technical Support Level 4- 78964

TrainingUnit Standard CodeModules
Learnership induction Learnership document signing
Instructional119469; 119459; 119465; 119462;Module 1: Effective Communication Volume 1 Communicating nonverbally Writing skills Writing specific messages The importance of grammar Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS20-119469; CITTS23-119457; CITTS-119465) Issue Formative Assessment 1
Instructional119467; 119457; 119472;  12154Module 1: Effective Communication Volume 2 Pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs Effective sentences Improving sentence structure Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS-119467; CITTS-119472; CITTS32-119459,12154) Issue Formative Assessment 2
Instructional9015; 9016; 7468Module 2: Mathematical Literacy Collecting, organising and representing data Measure, estimate and calculate physical quantities in practical situations Investigate and Monitor financial issues Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS21-7468,9015,9016; CITTS22-7468)
TrainingUnit Standard CodeModules
Instructional14963; 14926Module 3: Computer systems and the use of computer technology in business Investigate the use of computer technology in an organisation  Describe information systems departments in business organisations  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS10-14963; CITTS6-14926) Issue Formative Assessment 4
Instructional    14917; 14944; 14921; 14913 Module 4: Computer Technology Principles Explain computer architecture concepts  Explain how data is stored on computers  Describe the types of computer systems and associated hardware configurations  Explain the principles of computer networks  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS2-14917; CITTS4-14913,14921; CITTS9-14944) Issue Formative Assessment 5
Instructional114636 14927; 14919; 252210; 14938;Module 5: Select and use materials and equipment safely for technological purposes Demonstrate an understanding of preventative maintenance, environmental and safety issues in a computer environment  Issue Summative Assessment CITTS33-114636 Issue Formative Assessment 6 Module 6: Problem Solving in a Technical Environment Apply problem solving strategies  Handle a range of customer complaints Resolve technical computer problems  Resolve computer user`s problems  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS8-252210;14919; CITTP8-252210; CITTS12-14938) Issue Formative Assessment 7
TrainingUnit Standard CodeModules
Instructional14920; 10313;  14908Module 7: Work effectively as a team member within a support team Participate in groups and/or teams to recommend solutions to problems  Comply with service levels as set out in a Contact Centre Operation  Demonstrate an understanding of testing IT systems against given specifications  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS19-119462,14920,14927; CITTS31-10313) Issue Formative Assessment 8
Instructional14922; 14929; 14939; 14935Elective Stream 1A:  Hardware and Infrastructure Support for Personal Computers Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of electronic logic for computing  Describe computer cabling  Demonstrate an understanding of hardware components for personal computers or handheld computers  Assemble a personal computer or handheld computer and peripherals from modules  Repair peripherals for a personal computer or handheld computer to module level  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS7-14922; CITTS5-14929; CITTS18-14953) Issue Formative Assessment 9
Instructional14940; 14950; 14943Elective Stream 1B: Hardware and Infrastructure Support for Personal Computers Repair a personal computer or hand-held computer to module level  Install a personal computer or handheld computer and peripherals  Install system software and application software for a personal computer or hand-held computer  Issue Summative Assessments (CITTS1-14908,14939,14943,14950; CITTS13-14931) Issue Formative Assessment 10
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