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Microsoft Word (Level 3)


Course Overview

In Microsoft® Word 2013: Part 2, you gained the skills to work with more complex business documents and automate tasks. If you work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others, or create forms, this course will show you how to use Word to efficiently accomplish these tasks.

Microsoft Word 2013 enables you to do more than simple word processing. It can be used to collaborate on complicated documents and manage how the documents are accessed and distributed. Advanced features of Word 2013 enable you to revise, manage, and secure your business documents.

Target Audience

This course is intended for students who create and work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others on documents, and create forms in Microsoft Word.


To ensure success, you should be comfortable in the Windows® 7 environment and be able to use Windows 7 to manage information on your computer. Specific tasks you should be able to perform include opening and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders. To meet this prerequisite, you can take any one or more of the following Logical Operations courses:

  • Microsoft® Office Word 2013: Part 1
  • Microsoft® Office Word 2013: Part 2

Course Outline

Module 1: Mail merge

  • Form letters
  • Data sources for the recipient list
  • Mailing labels and envelopes

Module 2: Illustrations

  • Creating diagrams
  • Working with shapes
  • Formatting test graphically

Module 3: Advanced document formatting

  • Creating and formatting sections
  • Working with columns
  • Document design

Module 4: Document references

  • Tables of contents and captions
  • Indexes, bibliographies, and footnotes

Module 5: Document sharing

  • Document properties
  • Tracking changes
  • Finalizing documents

Module 6: Document interactivity

  • Creating forms
  • Inserting objects and charts
  • Web pages

Module 7: Working in Word efficiently

  • Customizing the ribbon
  • Macros

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